Transfer #9 Has Been Done

Well the computer is fixed and the embies are in!

EPU went well.  The staff there are so nice.  I have a little bit of a panic thing that happens when going into have any kind of op.  Heart rate goes through the roof.  Once they hooked me up to the machines and could tell just how fast it as going they assured me that at least they could tell it was working.  🙂

They always have trouble getting my needles in and my last cycle they couldn’t get a vein so I was put to sleep with gas.  YUK.  God did I feel rat shit when I woke up.

The anaesthetist found a vein in a part of my arm that I didn’t even think had veins lol, but at least he found one.  A few seconds later I started to feel all funny and light headed.  I asked if I was on my way to a nice sleep but was told that they had not given me anything yet and that I was hyperventilating, hence my funny feeling. Roflol

We went in for transfer today and we still had our 5 embies.  They are not the best quality but then ours never are.  We had two popped back in and they will grow the other 3 till Friday.  I’m VERY sure they 3 will have ‘dropped dead’ by tomorrow but hey, we have never had more than two on day of transfer so if they last till tomorrow that’s still a better result than all our other cycles.

We are booked in to see the Dr tomorrow to book in to do ‘back to back’ cycles if this one doesn’t work.  See I’m already working our where we go from here.  🙂

I have not given up on my two little embies but I like to think ahead and have a plan.

Will keep you all posted on how the 3 other embies are going.

Now I’m off to read all your blogs and see what I have been missing.

My Little Update

Hi there all

Just wanted to say thanks for all your good wishes.
Had EPU yesterday.  We got 10 eggs.  7 were mature and were able to be
fertilised.  I just called the clinic and we have 5 embies.  So we are very happy with that.
I’m not sure what quality they are but with our track record I will be a happy women if we have one or two embies there tomorrow when we go in for transfer.
I’m feeling good, have no pain and thanks to my happy pills I’m feeling VERY calm.
Will let you all know tomorrow if we have any embies to transfer.

Our computer should be back and running tomorrow as well so that will be good and I will then be back to annoying you all, all day, every day.  🙂
I have not been able to read anyones blogs so I’m sure once the computer is back and running there will be loads for me to catch up on.

I hope your all doing really well.  I have been thinking of you all over the last week or so and hope to read lots of happy news!

Computer Has Crapped Itself

Hi all

Just wanted everyone to know that I’m still here, kinda!  Our computer had crapped itself and is at the Dr.  I’m on S’s laptop atm and can only get on every now and then.  I have not caught up on everyones news but promise as soon as the computer is back I will post a proper post as well as read where you are all at.

Hope everyone is doing fine.  Going for a scan tomorrow to see if I have cooked any follies.  Fingers crossed there is a couple.  🙂

 Later.  Hugs to you all.  🙂

Cycle Number 9 Is Off And Running

Well I went in for my day 2 scan and bt. Scan was all good. Lining is nice and small so off we go.

I’m on 975 GonalF for 6 days then it will be dropped to 775.  I’m having Cetrotide this cycle instead of Orgalutran. Normally Cetrotide is a lot more expensive and that’s why my Dr uses GonalF but the drug company they use did a deal with them so it works out about 1/2 the price for 4 days worth.

I asked him about having Pregnyl during the cycle this time and he already had me down to try it.  I’m also going to be on Clexane shots and Cardiprin again as well as my huge doses of progesterone. I think he has all the bases covered. Lol

So I go back next Friday for a scan at 5.30 AM!!!!!!!!! God this man is insane! We got there at 6.10 am today and there was about 30 people sitting in his waiting room.

I asked the nurse if she thinks he will let me do ‘back to back’ stim cycles. (I forgot to ask him when I was in there) she said she thinks he will be fine doing that. He does allow some of his girls to do ‘back to back’ stims.  The nurses there is so nice. She asked if I wanted her to give me my first injection today and I told her she could but only if she used the extra 75 in the pen. I told her if she was only going to give me 900 then I would do it at home. She just laughed and said ‘of course I could have the extra 75’!

Anyway that’s it from me. Had a lovely night out lastnight for our anniversary. Thanks to everyone for your lovely wishes.  I will catch up on everyone’s blogs in the next day or so.

The Bitch Has Turned Up!

Today is mine and S’s 6 th wedding anniversary.

What a wonderful gift to get …………. the bitch turned up! Ha ha ha 

Off to see my Dr tomorrow morning at 6 am for scan, bt and to start my drugs!

God I love these super fast cycles.

My Friend Has Gone Missing :(

My friend was due to come visit me last week.  Its been over a month since I have seen her and was really looking forward to catching up.  She normally comes for a few days and its great to get together.  Have some company and just not have to be on my own when I go shopping.

Anyway, she just didn’t show up.  I was so worried about her.  I have tried to get hold of her for days now and just have no idea why she would leave me hanging.  I get worried easily you know.  My mind wonders off and thinks about a 100 different reasons as to why she just didn’t show.

A few of my other friends think shes a bitch.  They cant understand why I’m just not happy that shes ‘done the runner’.  They think shes unreliable and just comes to hurt me, but I was really looking forward to her visit this time.

If your reading this AF, please come visit soon.  I really need you here atm so I can start my next IVF cycle.  I know most that you visit don’t like you, and yes I have to admit there are months when I’m not that keen on you myself, but this month I was all set and prepared for your visit.  Your stuffing up my plans.

Can’t Speak Japanese So I Need Your Help

Ladies (and gentlemen – if there are any that read my blog) I have a question for you all.

I was wondering if any of you can read/speak Japanese??

I’m trying to get my hands on a bottle of bourbon for S for Christmas. Hes a huge collector but the bottle I want to get him is only available in Japan. Its ‘Four Roses Platinum’.

I have a website for a place in Japan that sells it but can not read a thing on it. I’m trying to find out a few things.

* Do they have the bourbon I’m after?

* Will they ship to Australia?

* How much it will cost including postage?

If anyone can help me out please let me know and I will contact you with the details of the website. I’m sure all the info will be on the site. I just need a little help translating! 🙂