Baby Quest Update

Well I am having MAJOR computer problems so I wont be around much till its sorted.  Im using a VERY painful laptop that only works when it wants to.  :/

Just a little update on S from Baby Quest.  Maxx is still fighting hard.  He does have some big infections and a collapsed lung at the moment but hes fighting hard to get over it.  S & N are finding it all VERY stressful but I have been letting them know you have all been thinking about them.  I do actually have a photo of Maxx but i will check with S before i post it.  hes very cute and has lots of dark hair.

My sister is home now and doing much better.  She had to go back to the hospital today for some more tests but shes doing better and at home with her family now.

All is good at my end. Christmas tree goes up in the next week at my house!!! lol  (Cant wait for the comments on that ha ha)  I have just about finished all my Xmas shopping.

Hope your all doing ok.

Hugs xxx

4 Responses

  1. Good to hear the updates. Thanks for sharing.

    Christmas tree? Are you high? LOL I will be the one cowering, huddled in the corner, trying to deny chrismtas is coming at all. It’s too soon!

  2. Thanks for the update on Baby quest and your sister. Please let them know that we’re praying and thinking about Maxx.

  3. Merry Christmas, Brenda! So it’s a wee bit early. Enjoy! I know Georgia will love it. Next year, the tree will be gated off.

  4. So glad to hear your sister is at home with her family. Phew. It’s amazing how quickly all that happened.
    Christmas tree???!!! aaargh 🙂

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